Thursday, March 25, 2010

The "Plastic Trash Zombies" video is completed!!!

Remember how fun we had? I can watch this over and over, and never get tired because each of your face is gem! It's been 5 months since this event, and our "Plastic Trash Zombie dance" is getting more popular. Many events and organizations want to work with us to raise awareness of trash pollution. Thank you so much for initiating this great movement, and hope to see you again and again!

(Please double click the video to see the wide screen and leave comment on Youtube!)


Anonymous said...

Thank you Auntie Akiko for raising awareness about saving our oceans. I am only two years old and love the ocean, so I hope it is around to enjoy for a long time and the fishies are safe. I love you Auntie Akiko and hope to see you soon! - Audrey Rose

Dance 4 Oceans said...

Audrey, Yes, we are doing what we can for you and your generation. Because we made lots of mistakes, we are fixing them now.
You have to remember how beautiful our ocean is and please maintain it for your children.
I love you.
Auntie Kiki.