Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter is coming! Be GREEN. Be HUMANE!

It's time for me to go crazy, again! After my last rants about the Valentine's Day balloons, now nightmares of colorful eggs are attacking me every night!

Holidays are wonderful. We meet our friends and family to have good time. I have no objection to that. However, I would like to remind you that there is always a way to do it environmentally and humanely without loosing its meaning and joy.

Eggs are good for you as long as they came from the hens that are organically fed and raised in humane environment. However, unless you have seen the egg factory with your own eyes, it is hard to know if the label of the carton is telling you the truth.

Trying not to support chicken abuse, you could buy fake eggs. You could reuse them year after year to reduce waste, However, most of egg crafts are made of plastic. The paint of those crafts may contain lead as well, not to mention toxins in the junk food inside of the eggs.

So, how about making something original and use them as your family tradition. You can make cotton stuffed eggs, yarn eggs, wood eggs, or egg shaped stones. Be smart and creative. You will have more time with your kids by making something together instead of buying cheap plastics at a store.

Here are some examples: Knitted eggs, Yarn eggs, Stuffed eggs.

I personally like the idea of going to a beach with kids and pick up some egg-shaped beach rocks and paint them with No-VOC paint. What do you think?

Enjoy your weekend and be happy. But just remember, you will be happier if you do it the right way.