Monday, October 26, 2009

We did it! Congratulations, South Bay Zombies!!!

What a day! What a team! How exciting that was!
We all synchronized like a big wave and everybody had fun together.
Thank you for practicing hard to reach our goal!
Thank you for your time and skills that you volunteered to make this happen!
Without you, yes, YOU, every single zombie, we could not make it!!!

Again, we thank all of sponsors that donated the raffle prizes and refreshment (See "Sponsors" on the left). We love your products and will continue to support.

Midori and I especially thank to non-zombie volunteers; Alyn, Fujita, Herman, Hiroki, Hiromi, Judy, Keith, Ko, Koko, Matsu, Naomi, Peter, Ray, Steve, Tamaki (alphabetical order). Because they didn't get to have as much fun as we did while working so hard.

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