Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Saving the Planet with George Carlin

Yes, I worry about everything. I worry about our oceans, rain-forests, endangered species, animals rights, foods and water, our future, our children's future, and our green planet Earth. I believe that we can make a change little by little to correct ourselves if we realize and act now. It's not too late. Let's be optimistic.

However, I can have a break from the worries for a little while with the late genius comedian, George Carlin. His wisdom and irony are outstanding and incomparable.

His rant was celebrated by many conservatives. But don't get him wrong. Listen carefully. He was not a global-warming denier. He was not conservative on the environmental issues. He was overly disappointed and a little more pessimistic about what human beings have done to this planet than us. In fact, he was a very much naturalist and almost suggesting Gaia thesis. He clearly saw the problem is humanity not a planet. He was criticizing those Hippocrates who have no learning curve.

He said, “People are selfish,” during the interview in the TV show "The View". “These people with the fires and the floods and everything, they overbuild and they put nature to the test, and they get what’s coming to them, that’s what I say. People think nature is outside of them. They don’t take into them the idea that nature is a part of them. Nature is in here (pointing his chest), and if you’re in tune with it, like the Indians, the balance of life, the harmony of nature, if you understand that, you don’t overbuild. You don’t do all this moron stuff.” He continued, "They want toys. Everybody wants the newest gizmo. We are slaves to gizmo and toys."

I see this all around me. You know, those who want to be in the safe natural environment while cutting trees and building homes in the nature and driving SUVs to get a pack of cigarettes or those who tell their kids to love animals and eat right while filling their refrigerators with hormone-loaded frozen dead animals.

Anyway, I just want to enjoy this legendary routine for a little while and go back to worry about everything to save the planet.

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