Friday, April 9, 2010

A Scary Story about raising Aliens

This is getting scary. I didn't think it was this bad. I totally underestimated.
I guess that kids now a days see vegetables come in the cans and plastic bags. Unless you take them to a farmer's market or the bulk produce section in the supermarket, they see vegetables that are nicely cleaned, trimmed or even sliced, and packaged on shelves! No wonder!
Moreover, what this tells me is that parents and kids don't talk about food while they are eating. Once they are in the meals after changing shapes and colors, no one talks about the origin of each ingredient. Who cares as long as it tastes good? Right?

The biggest problem here (besides the fact that kids are getting aliens, and parents are getting too busy or too lazy to wash and peel vegetables, and nobody really care what they are eating as long as it fills their stomach) is that we generate more trash every time we buy "packaged food"! Remember my other post about "over packaging"? It's just too much! Recycling is not the answer. By now, you know that the process of making plastic products creates pollution!

I am not saying that we all need to live like farmers. But this is scary.....

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Naomi said...

I watched this TV show from the 1st run. It was very shocking to me, that when Chef Oliver showed the raw ingredients of chicken nuggets, children said it's disgusting, however, he made the shape of chicken nuggets with the same ingredients right in front of their eyes, they want to eat the nuggets, even now they know what those nuggets are made of. I was so shocked and realized how bad the food situation in the US is... Not only those children, but adults are also all brainwashed without realizing it. Whatever available at supermarket, that's the only choices we can have for our meals, and I think people have long stopped even asking ourselves what is it really we are eating, or even why we are eating them. Parents are too busy to cook at home, they just feed their kids, whatever available. I am not saying that all the parents are too lazy. Maybe, they have jobs, which takes too much their times and literally they dont' enough time nor money to afford a decent home cooking meals everyday, though it should start at home for kids to learn what they eat and how to eat, because obviously, schools don't teach these things at lunch time, do they? I want every single parents in the US to see this show.