Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day! This LOVE will stay forever.....unfortunately

The day after Valentine's Day, we took our Zodiac to the ocean to meet dolphins and possibly some Gray whales since it is the migration season. We did not see any animals, unfortunately, however, there are lots of LOVE welcomed us.
In a thirty munites short ride, we picked up 16 heart-shaped myler balloons floating. Everytime we go out there, we usually pick up a few plastic trash, including balloons, plastic cups and bottoles. But I never prepared to pick up this many balloons. There were also large trash such as a styrofoam cooler box and a Yoga mat looking pad. The winter storm brings all kinds of things from the land into the ocean. So, here I was, buried in plastic trash in our little Zodiac. I look like on my way home from Christmas shopping, don't I?

Whether lovers found LOVE or they lost LOVE, lots of leftover LOVEs ended up in the ocean for sure. However, these plastic LOVEs last almost forever, and causes serious ingestion and entaglement hazards to marine animals.

I have never received this many hearts from any man in my life. But if someone was planning to give me even one little heart, I swear I would hang on tight to it till I properly discard it. Or I would simply tell him that I prefer flowers and organic vegan chocolate.
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